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Ask Carol

CD - AC I: Control You - Ask Carol's Debut Album - FIRST EDITION!

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Hey guys!
It's finally here! Our very first full length album is ready.

This is the official limited First Edition version of the album, which we'll only make 300 copies of. The early bird sale is on, if you order now, you'll get it for only 15 dollars!

You can also get it signed if you want! Just choose Yes up there where it says signed. :) Signed is 30 dollars.


PS: Til fans i Norge, vi får dessverre ikke til å ta Vipps her, og heller ikke norske kroner, pga. tekniske utfordringer. Hvis du vil betale i kroner, så kommer vi til å ha med CDer på alle konsertene våre framover, og du kan også kontakte oss i messenger på Facebook. :)


This album was recorded here in our own studio, which we call the Auma Sonic Saloon. All songs are written by ourselves, Carol and Ask. We also produced it ourselves, in between the Covid-safe concerts we did for the neighbors cows. The cows have been listening a lot to this album already, so now it's finally time to show it to the humans as well. Can't wait to show y'all! :D

Tracklist is as follows:

1. Control You - 4:24

2. Tonight - 2:57

3. Quiet One - 3:19

4. Interlude - 0:33

5. Pressure’s On - 3:45

6. Mountains Of Cash - 2:30

7. MoC Outro - 0.30

8. Darkest Hour - 4.21

9. Shining Bright - 3.29

10. Come Closer - 4.31

11. Run With You - 3.16

12. Darkest Hour (Live at Auma Sonic Saloon) - 5.24


Bonus Tracks:

13. Do It in LA - 2.44

14. Come Closer (Old Version) - 4.04

15. Shining Bright (Old Version) - 3.30

16. Run With You (Old Version) - 3.14

17. Darkest Hour (Old Version) - 4.24